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Online Access to Valrhona's Grand Chocolat Expertise! 

For Professionals Only  

VALRHONA TV, a monthly online programming is the newest innovation cooked up by Valrhona for their chef audience.
Valrhona’s chocolate experts, and the chef-instructors of L’Ecole du Grand Chocolat (Valrhona’s chocolate culinary institute), have offered a hub for active exchange of ideas, interaction and education among chefs over the twenty years of the school’s history.

Monthly programs include:

BETWEEN US:  An interview format show where L’Ecole Founding Chef, Frederic Bau talks with remarkable chefs to get them to share their stories, recipes, passions and tips.

BACKSTAGE: A technique program that takes chef viewers behind the scenes in the kitchen with chef guests for in-depth hands on recipe creation using the Valrhona product of their choice.

GRAND CHOCOLATE ESSENTIALS:  An educational and entertaining “how-to” show, showcasing the collective knowledge form the 24 L’Ecole pastry chef instructors, culled from all over the world, sharing techniques form Grand Chocolat Encyclopedia, actual pastry making course videos, and more.

Tune in for culinary online video programming in good taste!   


















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