Plated Desserts - August

with Chef Lincoln Carson
Lincoln Heavy Industries LLC.

In this class lead by Chef Lincoln Carson, you will explore topics such as chocolate tempering, ganache and mousse formulation, ice creams, sorbets, sponges, meringues, sauces and choux preparations. You will discover new approaches to achieve specific textural effects such as sous vide, based on classic technique but also incorporating balance and modern presentation. You will prepare all components and finished plating for a multi-course dessert tasting experience. This will include plated, shared and verrine presentations, as well as mignardises, with an emphasis on balance, seasonality, texture and a thorough understanding of advanced techniques.

After two days with Chef Lincoln, you will have learned not only the technical aspects of the desserts but also the inspirations that lead to the creation of each dish. In addition, you will look at the design of a menu meant to flow cohesively and experientially from one course to the next.


Class Details

    • August 29-30, 2016
    • Duration: 2 days, 8:30 am to 5 pm
    • Price: $940 (30% discount for North American Cercle V members)
    • Instructor: Chef Lincoln Carson

L’École Valrhona Brooklyn
222 Water Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201


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