L'École Valrhona Brooklyn

In 1989, Valrhona created a professional training center in Tain l’Hermitage to help artisan customers’ teams learn specific technical skills in the fields of patisserie and confections. Since then, l’Ecole du Grand Chocolat has welcomed more than 800 trainees a year from around the world. Moreover, l’Ecole creates and publishes over 100 new recipes a season for making patisserie, desserts, or chocolates. In 2007, Valrhona inaugurated a new Ecole du Grand Chocolat in Tokyo (Japan) and in 2010 a new l'Ecole du Grand Chocolat in France (Versailles).

Valrhona is also thrilled to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of L’École du Grand Chocolat with the Opening of its First U.S. Chocolate School Outpost in Brooklyn, New York. Like its international counterparts, L’École Valrhona in Brooklyn is dedicated to serving chefs as a vibrant and welcoming venue to exchange ideas and share their high level of expertise with one another, while learning to perfect their techniques and discover current and new trends. 
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