Japan Excursion - Exploring Japan Through Pastry and Travel


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with Chef Fabrice David
L'École Valrhona Tokyo Executive Pastry Chef

Discover the Japanese culture, steeped in tradition and rich in inspiration for gastronomy. We invite you on this journey to discover the secrets behind Japan's rich culture and interesting gastronomical scene. Visit l'École Valrhona Tokyo and explore the sites and tastes of Tokyo and Kyoto in this 5-day excursion. Please note this trip is intended for those who have never visited Japan.


  • › Discover the pastry scene in Japan learning from l'École Valrhona Tokyo chefs and local masters
    › Absorb the culture of Japan by visiting important sites and learning about their traditions


  • › Visit the pastry shops, markets and shopping districts of Tokyo to fully immerse yourself in the
    local culture and flavors
    › Utilize Japanese ingredients and techniques to create your own dishes
    › Explore a tea estate to better understand the abundant local flavor
    › Immerse yourself in traditional Japanese culture in Kyoto ryokans and temples


Taken a class with us before? Refer a friend. Receive a $200 credit towards any 2017 l'École Brooklyn class when you refer a professional chef for a 2017 class. *Offer subject to availability and qualification for the classes. The referred customer must register for a course in order for you to receive the credit. 

Class Details

    • May 22-26, 2017
    • Duration: 5 days
    • Price: $3900
    • Chef Referral ProgramTaken a class with us before? Refer a friend. Receive a $200 credit*
    • Instructor: Chef Fabrice David

L’École Valrhona Tokyo

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