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Chocolate connoisseurs can now find in the most comprehensive selection of Valrhona’s range of retail chocolate bars and baking chocolates, seasonal gift items and limited edition chocolates.

Equinoxe — Valrhona’s classic chocolate covered fruit and nut confections are re-imagined in new gift collections and mini canisters.

Grands Crus Collections — Perfect for gift giving or for a chocolate-tasting party, elegant presentation gift boxes of Grands Crus milk and dark chocolate squares that feature Valrhona’s Tasting Wheel.

Single Origin Vintage Chocolates — Introduced in 1998, Valrhona’s Estate Grown, or Domaine, chocolate is made from the selected cocoa beans of a single harvest purchased directly from one exceptional plantation. The vintage dated Estate Grown chocolate bars are produced in limited quantities depending on the crop.

Baking Chocolates  Home cooks, bakers and chocolate aficionados are invited to learn the secrets of the worlds great chefs with the Valrhona Baking Chocolate Range. The preferred chocolate of culinary professionals.

Fine French Chocolate Bonbons — Valrhona’s delicious bonbons mendiants and orangettes are handcrafted in Tain and until recently were only available at its factory boutique and in the best European hotels and gourmet shops. Distinguished by original designs, traditional shapes and unparalleled quality, these fine chocolates are perfect for all occasions and any season.

Gift Items — From the aromatic intensity of our Grands Crus and Vintage Single Origin chocolates to the delicious range of Gourmet Creations, Valrhona chocolate gift items say special loud and clear. From gourmet French chocolates bonbons to single origin fine chocolates; these Gift boxes are perfect for any holiday occasion.

Value Packs — Offer a remarkably wide variety of Valrhona's famous fine chocolates, baking chocolates and gift boxes including up to 20% on savings

Chocolate Books - Recipe Books  Discover more about gourmet baking from Valrhona’s collection of books on baking, pastry, and dessert. Find new recipes, tips on mastering chocolate, and ways to create mouth-watering masterpieces. All our books are Shipped for Free, using FedEx Ground (on the US Terriority only).

Recipes and Tasting Tips  Discover dozens of home baking recipes dedicated to all chocolate aficionados. US Corporate Pastry Chefs Sarah Kosikowski and Derek Poirier have adapted these recipes from Valrhona's chocolate school in France, L'Ecole du Grand Chocolat, to reproduce in the comfort of home kitchens in America.


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