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The Bocuse d'Or USA Foundation, established in 2009, is devoted to INSPIRING CULINARY EXCELLENCE in young professionals and preserving the traditions and quality of classic cuisine in America.

Our aim is to build a sustainable community of young American chefs that are knowledgeable and confident in their career pursuits and will be life-long ambassadors of quality and excellence in the world of gastronomy. The organization is dedicated to making the careers of serious young chefs more meaningful and successful by offering them educational scholarships, internships and access to a Culinary Council of established professionals.

The most promising young professionals will have the opportunity to compete and represent the United States in the prestigious Bocuse d’Or competition held in Lyon, France every two years.

The Foundation will fund the competitions and scholarships through unique special Events for distinguished consumers who are passionate about celebrating the traditions and innovations of classic cuisine and through the Friends of the Foundation Donation Program, which provide exciting gifts and opportunities for donors.

The 2015 Bocuse d'Or, the 27th edition of the competition, will feature competitors from 24 countries. The biennial international culinary competition, named after legendary French Chef Paul Bocuse, seeks to identify the world's top competitive chef. It takes place at the SIRHA International Hotel, Catering and Food Trade Exhibition.

For More information visit: The Bocuse d'Or USA Foundation website.






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