Absolu Cristal

Crystal Clear Neutral Glazing

Absolu Cristal has a perfectly neutral taste and is extremely simple to use. Its versatile texture makes it ideal for creative coulis and glazes with exceptional shine.
A perfect finish. Valrhona’s Absolu Cristal is ready to use for a flawless finish, hot or cold. It provides a beautiful and lasting glaze, and freezes and defrosts with perfect results every time. Absolu Cristal is the ideal base ingredient for all kinds of glazes, including neutral glazes or those made with fruit, chocolate, praline, gianduja or spices. Absolu Cristal is much more than a neutral glaze; it brings real texture to your dishes, with its slighly sweetened taste.





5 kg tub




Water, sugar, glucose syrup, gelling agent: pectin, thickener; carrageenan, acidifying agent; citric acid.

Shelf Life & Storage

10 months in a cool dry place. 1 month refrigerated after opening.



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