Illanka Valrhona Clean Water Project

A  charity project to improve the living conditions and public health for the cocoa producing community of Los Ranchos, Peru



In 2013, Valrhona partnered with the Norandino Cooperative, an organization working to restore a nearly lost variety of cocoa called “Gran Blanco” in Northwest Peru.  Working together, Valrhona, the Norandino Cooperative and local farmers successfully brought back this nearly extinct cocoa. In the Spring of 2015, Valrhona launched ILLANKA 63%, a superb dark chocolate made from the Gran Blanco beans harvested in this area. This success of this chocolate resulted in a boom for the surrounding cocoa producing communities, creating much needed jobs and improving the local economy.


The village of Los Ranchos overlooks the Bigote River Valley in Northern Peru. The unfiltered natural springs serve as the main source of water for this community. However the water is often polluted. Parasite infection including cysticerosis, tape worm and colibacilosis plague the health of both children and adults.


We are thrilled to announce that Valrhona is going one-step further by launching the Valrhona Clean Water Project to improve the livelihood and public health in the village of Los Ranchos and the Bigote River Valley. Our goal is to raise $10,000 USD by July 2017 with all proceeds going toward the purchase and installation of water filters in the community of Los Ranchos. 200 families (800 people) would benefit from those filters.
We are proud to donate $2.00 USD for every 3kg bag of ILLANKA 63% sold in North America.

We also would like to encourage independent initiatives and donations to support the project.

  For more information or if you would like to get involved, please visit
Every donation will make a difference!

We already raised $6,370 USD! 

Thanks to all the Chefs already supporting the project

 Meg-FlorioleFORWEB.jpg Flaky_Tart.jpg

Chef Kriss Harvey
The Bazaar by José Andrés, Beverly Hills, CA

Chef Sandra Holl &  Meg Galus
Floriole, Chicago, IL 

Chef Matthew Rosenzweig
Flaky Tart, Atlantic Highlands, NJ

The Chocolate Cake of Your Dreams

Black Raspberry Chocolate Marshmallow
Buckwheat Crunch ILLANKA Bar

Chocolate Truffle Cake


  davidburkekitchenWEB.jpg Elizabeth-Bar-WEB.jpg Wequassett_candygram-WEB.jpg

Chef Tracy Wilk
David Burke Kitchen, New York, NY

Chef Ginger Elizabeth
Ginger Elizabeth, Sacramento, CA 

Wequassett Resort
Wequassett Resort, Harwich, MA  

Valrhona Illanka Truffle Cake with raspberry preserves, whipped crème fraîche, caramelized cocoa nibs & mascarpone cherry swirl ice cream 

Yuzu Vanilla Bean ILLANKA Bouchée

 Philadelphia, a combination of Amarena Cherries, Illanka Chocolate & a light cream cheese mousse

 RECCHIUTI-WEB.jpg Peter-Scarola.jpg

Chef Dan Keehner
Union Square Events, New York, NY

Recchiuti Confections
Recchiuti Confections, San Fransisco, CA 

Chef Peter Scarola
R2L Restaurant, Philadelphia, PA  

Illanka Pink Peppercorn Marshmallow

Valrhona & Chef Dan Keehner gave all the proceeds of the Valrhona Pastry Class - Indulgent Bites to Entertain to the Clean Water Project.

63% Illanka Hot Chocolate made with the Gran Blanco cocoa bean

 Light Peruvian chocolate mousse, banana, cancha and spiced coffee ice cream.
The cancha is a toasted corn snackspan and t
he ice cream is made with Peruvian coffee and spiced with the Peruvian aji Amarillo (yellow chili pepper)



 Chef Chris Ford
Butter Love and Hardwork, Beverly Hills, CA 



Limited batch of 50 t-shirts sold on ButterLove&Hardwork - 15% of proceeds go back to the @Valrhona Clean Water Project







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